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AAAS Trains new volunteers

Two vets, Dr Tim Bonin and Dr Anne-Katrin List, came from Germany to support the efforts of AAAS which aims to humanely control the dog and cat population in and around Sosua , Dominican Republic by spaying or neutering them. They had  sponsorship from Tierklinik am Stadtwald Frankfurt , Tierklinik Egelsbach , Dagmar Stech and Isabel Gorski of Creol Dogs.

Last year in 2013 the AAAS clinic spayed and neutered over 1000 animals.

aaasosua volunteers

aaasosua volunteers
The AAAS has been training new volunteers to support all the processes involved in running major spay/neuter clinics around the Sosua - Cabarete area. Volunteers are always needed but this occasion was to train new volunteers for the  major clinics on 14 February thru 16th February 2014 at the Fire Station in Charamicos and for the subsequent ones on 18 thru 20 February at AAAS Headquaters. The new volunteers, Devon, Yamaly, Yomairolyn , Wendy and  Suzanne were there to go through the training for the up coming operatives.

aaasosua volunteers

Yamairy and Yomairolyn will be helping to run the check in process which is so essential to the smooth running of the operatives. Their multilingual capabilities really help and this is essential to allow correct medications for treatment during the surgery and at the recovery stages.


aaa sosua volunteers

Devon, Suzanne, and Wendy will be helping with the recovery process and were helped by Carol and Vera who are long term dedicated volunteers of AAAS.

Judy – the President of AAAS and Dee Morison – Executive Director were there to participate and give guidance to the new volunteers. Their knowledge was invaluable in training them.


aaa volunteers

The Clinic in the Fire Station in Charamics was for locally owned dogs but the second one on 18 thru 20 February was by appointment at the AAAS facility at Sosua.

AAAS Training was well received by all there and further sessions will help to spread the capabilities to others with the same goals.




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