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Spay/Neuter Clinics held by AAASosua

This an example of a field operative where the Spay/Neuter clinic is held in the local community. In this case the local Fire station in Charamicos, near to Sosua.

Also further into the article you can see the AAASosua Facility and the operative ongoing there.

Two vets, Dr Tim Bonin and Dr Anne-Katrin List, came from Germany in February 2014 to support the efforts of AAASosua  which aims to humanely control the dog and cat population in and around Sosua , Dominican Republic by spaying or neutering them. They had  sponsorship from Tierklinik am Stadtwald Frankfurt , Tierklinik Egelsbach , Dagmar Stech and Isabel Gorski of Creole Dogs.
Last year in 2013 the AAASosua clinics spayed and neutered over 1000 animals.

The Charamicos operative, a three day event,  which was the first major operative for AAASosua for 2014  got off to a great start. It was held in the Casa De Bomberos –the local firestation in Charamicos which is near to Sosua. All the equipment had been moved earlier from the AAASosua facility and the Fire Engines parked outside. Many people, young and old were lined up early in the morning with dogs and cats. Here are a few pictures

















Early start on the second day in Charamicos but so worth while seeing the happy faces of the people who we were helping. Congratulations to Dr. Tim and Dr. Anne who had become engaged the night before. A very romantic and surprise proposal by Tim who was surrounded by AAASosua volunteers. Thank you for letting us be a part it, a late night but so worth it.

Next day many people were waiting as the success of the previous day had got round the local community. All the new volunteers had joined in the work and made a great contribution to the smooth running of the operative. Donations of collars and tick and flea medications from Canada were given out to the owners together with some food for their pet.



Thank you to GARF for your continued support of food for the animals after surgery. Thank you to Sean, Barb, Robin and the Babcock's for all the collars and leashes  that were handed out to the animals that we sterilized.  Dr Giselle with a Dominican practice in Santiago was in attendence and has always contributed to the field operatives. These pictures were taken near the end of the day with happy owners taking their dogs and cats home.








Totals for operatives done by Dr. Tim and Dr. Anne and Dr Giselle were 124 spay/ neuters and a number of other treatments and consultations






The Charamicos operative was a great success and Dr Anne and Dr Tim only had a brief rest before carrying on at AAASosua  HQ. It was by appointment only and the lists filled up quickly.
Here are some of the photos during the clinic.

Another successful operative  at AAASosua Facility  with 33 surgeries carried out during  the three days as well as a number of other Treatments/consultations.

The AAAS has been training new volunteers to support all the processes involved in running major spay/neuter clinics around the Sosua - Cabarete area. Volunteers are always needed and this occasion the new volunteers were well trained for the major clinics at the Fire Station in Charamicos and for the subsequent ones the at AAASosua facility. The new volunteers, Devon, Yamaiy, Yomairolyn , Wendy and Suzanne went through the training for the up coming operatives.
The planning and organising of a major field operative requires  a lot of effort. The amount of items that are needed , the medications , anesthetics and just the infrastructure to carry out the operative is huge.  And it all has to be moved there and back!
All this is done by voluntary effort, support and resources, and by donations and support from the sponsors of AAASosua. Thanks to the Bomberos de Charamicos for their help and support.








Thank you for caring about our animals. Our volunteers and supporters are dedicated and appreciated, without them we could not do all that we do. Thank you to Dr Tim and Dr Anne who go above and beyond.
AAA Sosua has over 15 years  working with the Dominican animals and  is trusted by the local community when it comes to helping them with their pets.  AAA Sosua strives with all resources available to continue to offer the safest most humane protocols and handling before, during and after surgery.  It continues to solicit the most experienced volunteer veterinarians and the program is monitored by licensed animal healthcare professionals who have years of experience here with Dominican animals and their families.
We are not about the numbers but it is important for you to know what we are doing and feel each dog/cat deserves the best no matter what its economic status.
With your continued support we can continue with our programs and would like to assist other groups that have shown up here recently.  Not all are the same and we are willing to assist those that share our philosophy  for a kind/gentle/surgery.




Published with the permission of the copyright holders – AAAS ©2014 . Organisations wishing to publish this document should seek permission from AAASosua.



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