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Foxy Looking for a Sponsor

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sex: male
age: 3 years
with us since: 2012
neutered: yes
shots: yes
Status: looking for adoption
Foxy Looking for a Sponsor

Full Description: Two of three forever dogs that have made AAASosua HQ their home and are thankful for their sponsors.
Flaca (not so anymore) and Foxy (came here as a puppy). Thank you to those who are helping to keep Foxy happy and cared for. With your help and the help
of future sponsors we can continue to give them what they need. Foxy is available for adoption but it will have to be a very special person!

For further information about this pet please contact us!
Mailing Address: EPS D4145, P.O. Box 02-5648, Miami, FL, 33102
Tel: 809-571-1167, Email:,
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