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sex: female
age: about 2 years
with us since: May 2014
neutered: yes
shots: yes
Status: found new home

Full Description: A young adult pure Dominican dog that was picked up in Puerto Plata by someone with good intentions. AAAS offered assistance as the person wanted to keep her if we would help her. We had her sterilized and vaccinated right away and treated her for some stomach issues so she could go to her new home
Here at AAAS we did our best based on an agreement with the person who brought her to us.. As things “sometimes” happen here no one ever returned for her so we are hoping that someone would love to give her a forever home. Dominican dogs need a job and a purpose. Putting them in kennels long term is not the kindest thing we can do.
She is a larger size Domincan dog with good sense and great guarding capabilities.
The person that picked her up saw her for four days in the same place on the side of the road, waiting for her owner to return. So once she has bonded to her new family loyalty is one of her strong points.
If you are looking for that dog that will let you know when someone new is around, will look after you and your family, shes your girl.

If you are interested in meeting her, please contact Judy 809-571-1167 or

For further information about this pet please contact us!
Mailing Address: EPS D4145, P.O. Box 02-5648, Miami, FL, 33102
Tel: 809-571-1167, Email:,
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