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sex: female
age: December 2012
with us since: March 2014
neutered: yes
shots: yes
Status: found new home

Full Description: My name is Callie. I had a great home but my dad kept moving around and I got confused on where my home was. I was hit by a car trying to find him and I ended up at AAAS. I limp on my left hind leg from my accident but get around quite well. Do you have it in your heart to give me a forever home?
Callie is still at AAAS but is doing reallywell and is availalbe for adoption.

For further information about this pet please contact us!
Mailing Address: EPS D4145, P.O. Box 02-5648, Miami, FL, 33102
Tel: 809-571-1167, Email:,
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