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Update 2014

Spay/Neuter Clinic 2014

The AAAS of Sosua, has a complete clinic and base of operations in order to provide an ongoing and consistent means of alternative animal population control in Sosua, Sosua Abajo  El Batey and Charamico on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic. Our program is designed not only to change the manner in which animals are cared for and to control over population but to make your participation with us an easy and memorable experience.

Our trained volunteers are here waiting to assist you within a safe and efficient spay/neutering environment as your preferred schedule will allow on your visit.

Our pre-op team will prepare the animals for surgery to your specifications, monitor during surgery and post-op will monitor recovery and provide all that is necessary  to help insure a rapid safe recovery.
Our  anesthesia protocol is the safest, most predictable available here in the Dominican Republic. Used under the supervision of trained professionals this Isoflurance maintained  protocol has proven to safely sedate/maintain pain control  during the procedure ,most of our patients wake up smiling and are ready to go home within 2-3 hours.

Information is provided to owners concerning post op care as well as an emergency number if one arises.
We have many animals waiting for our assistance.  Experienced skilled surgeons are needed throughout the year to we can maintain our local area and help assure no animal is abandon just for lack of assistance with spay/neuter vaccines.

AAAS is a non-profit organization established in 1998 located  on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic and works within the areas of Sosua, which includes El  Batey, Charimcos and Sosua Abajo.   We are supported by donations here as well as  thru Kathryn Neal Animal Relief Fund Corp a US 501c3 since 2007. Our goal is to maintain monthly in-house clinics with one–two veterinarians working on the average 10-15 surgeries per day for two to three days. We will also be organizing field clinics for those interested or wish to participate in “mash” style, high volume surgeries where we take the clinic to the people. These will be set up in problem areas where immediate relief is deemed necessary. They require 3-4 vets and a number of techs/assistants and AAASosua volunteers working together. These clinics are highly rewarding to all those that participate. (An example of a recent “Mash” clinic is shown on  The Spay/Neuter clinic 2014 link at the top of this page - )

They also provide an excellent opportunity to “connect” with the country and interact with its local people, not to mention becoming acquainted with our phenomenal Dominican dogs.
If you are considering a Caribbean Vacation on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic(Region North Coast) or Facebook and wish to reach out and help, please contact us for further information.

Only with your support can we prove there are effective alternatives for animal population control and only with your support can we make this project a successful one.

The local residents and hoteliers will work with us to help provide no cost/low cost accommodations for participating animal health care workers. Depending upon your area of interest and length of your stay, we can assist in scheduling activities for your off-time diversion. These may include eco -tours, scuba diving, wind surfing etc.

The Kathryn Neal Animal Relief Fund a 501c3 supports the AAAS so some of your costs and donations may be  tax deductible through this fund if you file in the US.  AAAS is a registered Dominican Not for Profit and some things may be deductible.  Please check with your accountant as to how deductions may apply to you.

Mailing Address: EPS D4145, P.O. Box 02-5648, Miami, FL, 33102
Tel: 809-571-1167, Email:
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